As I was listening to, and agreeing with, a prayer requesting protection and safety for our children in schools, I was impressed with this word:  (You do not have to agree but please think on it)

I was impressed that through all the tragedy and trauma that is happening to our children in their schools, a thought came to me………what the enemy means for harm God can turn to good.  What does that mean? It means it is time for Christian parents and church youth leaders to teach children how to be filled with Holy Spirit power – this is according to Acts 1 and 2, called the Infilling – as well as the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit according to Romans 10: 10-13. Our children need protection, physical and spiritual. Our children need to learn what their authority is through the name of Jesus and how to use it. They need to learn that they have a personal, spiritual enemy who means to destroy them any way he can. It is time for all Christians to rise up and to pray over the schools in their areas, actively and aggressively. Let’s take our children back. So much influence takes place in these schools and on these campuses that parents are totally unaware of. Christian parents, be involved with your children and active in their belief systems. Teach them, talk to them, and have discussions. Help them to understand what is evil, is evil and what is good, is good according to the bottom line in God’s Word. God’s Word teaches us love and power to defeat evil, not to be overcome by evil but how to stand against it constructively, seeking a good resolution for everyone. Contrary to today’s belief “out there”, Christianity is truly a peace orientated faith with personal responsibility and accountability, and requires a one on one relationship with Jesus. Romans 10:10-13.  I am so tired of hearing these tragedies take place and to know the fear and trauma everyone involved walks away with. It is time to do something about it. It is a sin problem and an ignorance problem as well as a physical protection problem. This is what happens when the Ten Commandments and any concept of Jesus are taken out of schools.  I am not talking about religion. I am talking about a calm and orderly concept of God the Father in school. Please Christian parents, and please Christian Church youth leaders take time to do this. Start with yourselves and be the example to these kids. They are traumatized and fearful. It is time for this to stop.  
- Pastor Sandra Matheson

Prayer:  Dear Father in Heaven, we ask for wisdom over our children. We ask for strong discernment over them for friends and what is being taught to them. Remind us Lord Jesus what you have done for us and what you have given us to combat our spiritual enemy, the devil. We pray divine protection over our schools and our children. We pray for boldness and confidence to step up and step out for you and for our children. Enough is enough. It is time to rise up and be the people you have called out from among the world system.  Amen


2018 is the year of strong and powerful Spiritual awakening in America. Within this year the President will be filled and empowered by m
y Spirit. He is a new creature in Christ Jesus and a man of prayer and intercession for his nation. He is a man of common speech and frankness; he is a man of integrity and honesty. Those who attack him and ridicule him will have those things reversed upon them. He speaks before these things are revealed and is criticized for it and yet it does come to past and no one mentions that. I am moving strongly within the heart of the First Lady of America as well. She will be a strong advocate and warrior for me in the White House.
She is hungry for me and is quick to learn and strong to stand.
I have established many of my Believers in this House and I hear their prayers.  I am lifting up and blowing off the dome of the White House revealing all the darkness that has resided within it for some time. I have drawn a line right down the middle of the House and the ground will shake and expose, churn up the rebellion that has been within it.  I will expose all the agreements that have been made for the purpose of bondage to America. I will open up wide these agreements and expose them for what they really are.
I am bringing my Light within this house that will expose and chase away darkness. The establishment of the enemy’s presence in this White House will be broken and removed. This is Leader, a President truly called and anointed by me set apart for me for just this time, for just  this season. I am also exposing the leadership of the Democratic Party. I will pluck up what seems to be immovable. The two leaders will be exposed for their true agenda and greed of power. There is a shakeup, an earthquake, about to happen to remove and replant. I am bringing in to both Houses and to both political parties new men and women who will truly work in agreement for the good of America. These men and women will understand the hearts of the average American citizen and will have integrity and honesty of purpose. I will do the same in the Republican Party. Out with the old and in with the new.
The nations of the earth will stand up and take notice of the change and the goodness of America.  The nations of the earth will rise up and have respect once again for America and recognize that she has a President who is a man of strength and a man of his word. The leaders of these nations will listen and take notice, they will see the fruit of this nation. There is fairness coming, wisdom will take charge. The boarders of the nation of America will be secured and the enemy will be stopped from infiltration and mayhem.  Do not be anxious or dismayed or full of fears America, for I am with you. I have said to you that this is the year of my goodness, and out of my goodness flows are good and healthy things for you. My Holy Spirit will move across this nation like fire and great wind; power and purging, establishing righteousness once again. No more will that which is evil be called good and that which is good be called evil.
The military of America will be strengthened and strong. No enemy will be able to stand against you. As your President has stated he wants, there will be a showing of great military strength in America for all the nations of the earth to see. Your partnership with Israel, the apple of my eye, will be strong and secure. Because of America’s love and support for Israel, I will open up blessings and great favor over this nation, prosperity and healing among the peoples. The division created by past administration will be healed and joined together in purpose and agenda. Many nations will rise up and call Jerusalem the capital of Israel. As it should be so.
Europe will struggle with the decisions the nations have made. I have said that the blood of old across these nations will once again flow up from the ground where it once spilled in great volumes, the blood of discrimination and occupation of the enemy. Your enemy comes in sheep’s clothing with daggers up his sleeves, and yet you do not see. United Kingdom is under siege and yet they slumber through it. Still, I will take a great harvest for my Kingdom from each and every nation, turning hearts from darkness to Light.           Amen
- Pastor Sandra Matheson