America. 9.14.18

I hear my people complaining and muttering and murmuring about the state of the nation of America. Murmuring and complaining about the leadership and the current president. And yet, I hear their cries for the nation to be saved, to be restored, and for righteousness to be restored. So, as I promised, I sent to you a Jonathan for Israel's David. And yet you continue to complain and to speak out untruths about the man I have called and chosen to take the office of the President of the United Stated. You say he is racist, I say he is not. You say he is brash, I say he is bold, you say he exaggerates, I say he speaks truth. You say you don't like the manner of his speech and I say I do! I called him out from the masses of population for such a time as this. Many people are slandering his name and I say be very careful what you say against those that I have called for a high office assignment. I do not take lightly any of those false words spoke against him - and even the out and out lies that have ben said. The nation of America is divided once again as it was in the 60s and 70s because of the former president elected that was not ordained by me. He speaks with calm voice and half truths, soothing and cajoling. Man's choice verses my choice. My Word says that" No weapon forged against (him) shall prosper and that every word spoken against (him) (he) will refute," (Isaiah 54:17) I will say once again that this President is my choice and under his administration, as he seeks my face (and he does!) I will bring this nation back to what I have destined it to be. There are many blessings and great favor over the land of America because of the actions and choices this President has made, and continues to make under my watch. My people must stop this division and the hateful words spoken against this man Trump. Your words will either bring you blessings or curses as a nation.  Which do you want? The blind cannot lead the blind or they both will fall into a ditch.

 Pray for your leaders and for the government of your land, America. Pray for wisdom and discernment for your president, pray he hears my voice and my directives as I speak to him and to those around him who are to advise him. Pray and stop your muttering! Remember my people who left Egypt with such promise and wealth and yet continued over and over to mutter and murmur, complain and criticize, Moses time after time, never got to see the promised land they dreamed of. This is unbelief, doubt, and rebellion. Stop! Put your trust in me! I have promised to lead you and to guide you and to bless you. Allow me to do so by stopping all your negative and hateful words and begin to speak promise words, words of life and prosperity. This President will win another term for I have many plans for him and for this nation, and I will take America back to my bosom and restore her for her assignment.

Your former president desired another outcome and to serve another god. He brought division and chaos but I will take it back. Those who lie and devise an evil plan for this President will fall away. I will turn their words back upon them and they will bear the brunt of my hand. They will lose office and fade away. I am beginning a strong shaking and separating of those in power over the nation of America.  Do not be dismayed at what you see and what you hear. Put your trust in me.  

Stop! Pray! Seek my face! Trust and have faith in me! Pray for those who rule over you! Have good courage for I will do the plan that I have and the enemy will not win. This president wants to being safety to your nation's borders. He will do that.
- Pastor Sandra Matheson Sept. 14, 2018