Word To The Church 2019:


 Hear O Church, what the Spirit will say to you! Hear and do not turn away. My goodness will continue to be primary in my Church. Without my goodness there cannot be mercy and grace, and without mercy and grace the Church will not prevail.
This is
 a  season for the Church to yield totally and completely to the Holy Spirit. Yield, bow  your head and bend your knee to Him. Holy Spirit is on assignment for Father God   and will not be deterred. Christians may follow and turn into Him or turn away and continue to clench their fists before Him with resistance and rebellion. Holy Spirit 
has come in these latter days before the Great Day of the Lord comes to bring
 wisdom and discernment - true discernment - so those who are called by the name of Jesus Christ so that they will not falter and will not fall away. The Bride of Christ needs to
be infused with great power and wisdom, supernatural gifts and blessings and all these come from welcoming in the Holy Spirit. It is more than evangelism, it is power and might to protect Christ's Believers from subtle apostasy that has entered the Church and is sitting in the pews. 
Yielding to Holy Spirit means to give way to Him totally and completely, give up your own understandings and your own agendas, for this is a season of great outpourings of supernatural events, power and wonders. Those who do this will experience greater blessings and great outpourings of power in their lives. Yes, hard and difficult times are coming upon the earth and no nation, no race, and no nationalities will be untouched. And yet those of my people who yield to Holy Spirit will hear what the Spirit says and hear what He plans to do and become part this spiritual growth in me and will survive the times and seasons.
Do not despise the Spirit. Do not hinder the move of the Holy Spirit. Embrace all of Holy Spirit, His fullness in baptism as in the Book Of Acts. Pastors and leaders of the Church, hear!! Open wide my church doors and welcome Him in. Do 
not be afraid! This fear is not from Me, it is from Satan, designed to limit you and keep the church powerless.  Will you hear, will you yield, 
will you obey, will you instruct your people? Or will you stand in your own understanding with your jaw set and your fists clenched, denying this Power and having your lampstand removed?
- Pastor Sandra Matheson      2.11.19

Heavenly Father, forgive us as your Body for resisting the work of the Holy Spirit in these days. It seems your people have forgotten what Holy Spirit has been sent on earth for, what this season of time is all about - the cleansing of your Bride to meet her Bridegroom. Turn our hearts to His agenda that we might partner with Him and not oppose Him. We pray your protection over us as we do this. We pray for great power to come in, atomic spiritual power as on the Day of Pentecost. Remove those in leadership who are hindering Holy Spirit work and confusing your people. 
Give us great boldness to welcome in Holy Spirt to our churches and our lives. 

Word To The Church 2018

Goodness of God:   2018

20: holy, redemptive
18: fruitful association (judgment by the Word of God)


20: holy; redemptive
1:  God; first in rank or order
8:  new beginning

Hear America, as the season of thanksgiving approaches, rise up with thanksgiving in your hearts and minds for the goodness of the Lord is at hand. This goodness will move across your land through the hands and hearts of my people, my Believers in Christ Jesus. No matter what befalls my Believers, they will lift up their hands and worship me for they know the weapons of warfare in praise and worship, and in thanksgiving. Not thanksgiving for what has befallen them, but thanksgiving for what I will do to bring them through their trials and bless them.  Do you not remember my servant Joshua and how the walls of Jericho fell straight down because  of the worship that went before the army, before the battle began. My people must learn the power of praise and worship; the power of a thankful heart instead of murmuring and complaining. What was the fruit of my people in the desert but wandering and dying before seeing the promise land? Put away the perversity of your mouths for these words are death to your spirit and your promises. You may not understand my ways but you don’t need to. You just need to know the wonder of my goodness towards you. Everything I do has my Believers, my people in mind for their benefit. God’s goodness is for your benefit. My goodness encompasses all things. There is no lack to my people who learn to praise and worship me, who learn to have a thankful heart in all things. For my goodness will create a way through all your issues, your pains, your disappointments, your fears. In your nation of America I will heal your land and your peoples, I will restore all that was lost and I will set righteousness in place again. I will raise up an army of people who will be bold to speak my truth in love and compassion but will not waiver in what righteousness is, what my goodness is.  Look! Goodness is abounding once again. A line has been drawn against evil and it cannot be called good any longer. Be of good cheer. It is a season of God’s goodness.  
- Pastor Sandra Matheson     11.20.17

Heavenly Father, in the name of your son Jesus Christ we pray for our nation in the coming year of 2018. We pray for redemption in our land, that many will come to the saving grace of Christ. We pray forgiveness for the sins of our nations and for our leaders who lead without You. We pray for your mercy to restore our land to righteousness and to be able to live in peace with each other. We pray Lord, for Your goodness to overwhelm us and for us to see Your goodness as it permeates our lives and our nation once again. We ask for protection over our President and his household and his office. We pray that we may recognize You as the God of this nation once again as was established long ago by those who first founded her.

Word to the Church 2017: Holy and Redemptive

20:  holy, redemptive
17:  spiritual order

20:  holy, redemptive
1:  beginning (of)
7:  perfection

2017 shall be a year to initiate holy and redemptive spiritual order, out of immaturity and incompleteness (the beginning of perfection or personal purity).  This shall not be just for the nations or the church but for each individual Believer in Christ.  It is time for My Bride to step up into her completeness in Me.  Spiritual order is needed; holy spiritual order. My Church seems to believe that she can do anything spiritual, join herself to any other god, and I will approve. This is not so. There is much to be restored that the enemy has trampled down and tried to destroy. My people have been distracted by life and by fear and have allowed too many evil and disgusting things to enter into them.  Their belief system in Me has been polluted by entertaining other belief systems thinking they are of Me. This is wrong. I will not have My Gospel polluted and I will not share My Glory with another. Many of My people think that I am called by many names including Allah, and this is simply not true. I AM that I AM. I am Jehovah. I am Yahweh. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am Yeshuah. I am Messiah.
This will be a year of revelation and the uncovering of lies and false teachers.  Many of My Teachers are falling because of their own reasoning. Many are trying to interject false words and false teachings into My Church thinking all spiritual things are one with Me. I will reveal the lies and the hidden things and I will not tolerate these any longer. Now is the time and the season of reckoning, now is the time to repent and to get back to your first love. Now is the time to turn from tolerance to Truth and to obey. I am doing a “new” thing. I am looking for those who obey My Commands. I am looking for those who dare to stand up for Me and to stand up for My Truth. I am a God of great love and mercy, but I am also a God of accountability and judgment. 
Listen My people, the time and season is short. There is a reckoning coming. The sifting has begun.  Do not be dismayed by what you see or hear for many will be exposed for what they truly believe and many will be removed by what they truly believe. Just because they have a “name” or a “position” or are on TV, does not make them My teachers or My prophets. Many have gone their own ways and are moving in their own understandings and think that I do not see – or that I agree with this “new” understanding. I do not. Many are calling on My name for profit, for greed, for avarice, for fame.
I am seeking a people who love Me with all their hearts, their minds, and their souls. I am seeking a people who are seeking after Me. This will be a year for the individual Believer to stand for what they believe and to give Me honor and glory. Do not be dismayed or distressed by what you see or hear. Know that I am greater than all these things. Have I not told you that I have overcome the world and have enabled you to do the same through Me. I say, follow Me; keep your eyes upon Me.  I will in turn bless them and keep them and grant them great favor.             Amen
- Pastor Sandra Matheson             

To the Nations:
America:  I am restoring and replanting. America will rise to be what I have called her to be.  I have set a Jonathan for  My Israel's David.  I am restoring America to Israel and there will be a blessing for America in doing this. Have I not said that I will bless those that bless the seed of Abraham, the nation Israel?  There is no need to fear. I am a good God and I look for those who will carry My goodness in them and radiate it outwards. I am restoring peace and prosperity to America but this will not be without stress. There will be those in opposition to what I have called to be and will try to bring havoc and confusion.  I have heard the cries of My people in America and I have removed My hand of judgment for a time.  America, rise up; remember your roots, remember your establishment and your beginnings. Look to your enemies: Russia, China, Iran, ISIS. Move with wisdom and caution, call on My name and I will show you the path to take. I am taking over your capitol, I am taking the cover off and uprooting and replanting.  I am revealing and I am exposing. do not be dismayed. Be at peace America. I am with you as long as you call on My name.
China:  Woe to you China!  I see the plans that you have made thinking that no one will know, thinking that you are conniving a secret plan. Your plan will be exposed and you deceit revealed.  Despite your efforts China, I am rising up a multitude of Believers in Me in your nation. Thousands upon thousands are calling on My name and I am answering.  Woe to the leaders of China!  Woe to the plans that they have made. 
Russia:  The bear roars. The bear makes advances to intimate and to rule over.  I see you Russia. I understand what you are doing and how you want to overtake the Middle East; only when the time is right and not before.  I will destroy you and your deceitful plans to take over and to become the power of all the nations. I am taking a harvest from you, I am revealing myself to your people - and even to your leaders. Watch, I am doing a new thing and you will not even perceive it!  I am revealing you to the world.
Iran:   You will be uncovered and exposed. You smile and lie at the same time. You flirt and deceive with your eyes and with a shake of the hands you lead astray. You say, but America is vain, proud, and greedy; full of arrogance and debauchery - the great Satan. You say, we will destroy you America, not from without but from within. And yet I, the Lord God over all, say to you Iran, Have I not exposed you and stopped the plans that you have had? Have I not brought you down? Yet you persist and I will expose you and your deceitfulness.  I am bringing many out of your land into My Kingdom. I am collecting a harvest to come and you are unable to stop the hand of Almighty God.  I will do what I will do. America will rise and America will overcome you.
ISIS:  You are falling apart from within. I am pulling out people from the midst of you into My Kingdom.  I am speaking to them in dreams and visions and they are moving from darkness to light. You will come to nothing and your blood thirsty tirade will end. I will bring your leaders down and bring them into confusion. I will reveal to America and to Israel your hiding places and your secret plans. You will not succeed. You will be destroyed. Woe to your leaders for their sins are great!
- Pastor Sandra Matheson

Heavenly Father cause the leaders of America and her allies to have great wisdom in the days to come. Reveal unto them the plans of the enemy and the ability to stand against them successfully. Please grant these leaders discernment, insight, and unity into what is good and right and what is dark and evil. Holy Spirit stir the people of God up in this nation to continue to pray for America and for the Church that we might truly be overcomers. Grant us boldness to say and do the right thing. Please bring healing and restoration to this nation once again, and help us all to understand that we are all Americans and that your plan for this nation includes all peoples.   Amen