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Seasons and Time

Seasons and Times

Seasons and times. We are entering a season of Fall. I look around and I see my fruit tree has dropped all her fruit, my flowers have bloomed and fallen, the leaves of my trees will soon be turning color and falling. Fall has never really been my favorite season of the year, nor is winter. Fall is a season of
transformation from life unto death, winter is hibernation and holding. I love Spring and Summer. Spring is the springing forth of life; new fruit, new flowers, new life. Summer is a sense of harvest for me, an expectation of.
However, when I think about it beyond myself, I realize Fall is a season in our life of dying to self and casting out a seed. This seed is future and sometimes we even wonder if anything went forth. Winter is a season of life when the seed is hidden from view and we feel that there is no seed and no life. The 'ground' seems hard and unyielding. Spring is the bursting forth of new Life in our life, the expectation of our seed; the seed starts to come through where we may have even forgotten we cast it down. The Summer season of our life brings our harvest from this seed - if we look for it, expect it, 'see' it.  Faith.
And yet, even in fall there really is a harvest as well. Old self becomes new self.  And winter yields a harvest of Faith. So many seasons of our life; so many seasons to cast a seed for Christ, for the Spirit of God to work with. Did you know that without a seed there will never be a harvest of anything? We know this in the natural but I wonder if we really do in the spiritual.  Do you cast out good seed for Christ? Or do you cast out seed filled with selfishness, your own agenda, destruction of others? We have the ability to seed for good 'Fruit' or for a crop of 'Thorns and Weeds' and we will reap of harvest of whichever we cast out. 
What are you seeding for? Like seed grants like harvest. Corn begets corn. To harvest spiritually be must plant the 'seed' of what we have need of - faith, health, finances, joy, patience, love, friendship, respect, etc. Why do we think we can harvest without casting our proper seed? And remember, there is a time, right after we cast our seed, that it seems to go in hiding and the ground of life can seem hard and unyielding. Our seed is being protected and begins to die to become changed into what we need when we need it. 
You must give God good and proper seed to work with!
Then watch over your seed. Water it with Faith and Prayer- waiting, looking, expecting. Pull up the weeds that will appear and try to strangle out the seed. Watch out for those who would discourage you in your seed, or try to steal your harvest.
Be active, be bold. Begin to cast out your seeds in Christ of what you have need of and then expect your harvest!
- Pastor Sandi
***Be careful you do not seed Thorns!  (Proverb 18:20-21)
Jeremiah 12:13   International Version
They will sow wheat but reap thorns; they will wear themselves out but gain nothing. They will bear the shame of their harvest because of the Lord’s fierce anger.”
Galatians 6:7-8  New International Version
Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life (with Him).