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2.20.13     4:19 pm PST


Rain. Someone made a comment to me once about all the greenery we have here in Washington and wondered why. Rain. Rain and Sunshine are so vital to growth. The Lord tells us in Matt. 5:44 that the Father causes rain to come on the righteous (in Christ) and on the unrighteous (those who are not in Christ). We serve a fair God, do we not? He never invades our will and never twists our arm. Equal opportunity. Rain comes to water the dry earth and to grow beautiful things and to provide food. Rain also comes to water weeds and waste and creates mud and devastations. Sunshine comes on both to increase the growth spurts and to increase the crops. Too much sunshine and it can create burning heat and drought and death.  Interesting. We can't live without either one and we need both - but we need them in balance don't we?

It really is all in the perspective we have, isn't it? It's all determined by who's eyes you see it all  through- yours or God's. Natural or Supernatural.

Who's eyes are you looking through?  What do you see?


- Pastor Sandi


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