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How I love to see all the Christmas lights as I drive around. Beautiful, shining, glittering, and bright. It makes me feel that all the city is united in this one thing. I know that we have many beliefs about this time of year and we don't all agree in them. However, there is something very special about Christ-mas and it seems to, at least, promote kindness and goodness and love. Wonderful.

In church this last Sunday we sang all the Christmas songs about the birth of Christ the Savior. How beautiful it was to hear the melodic sound of many voices rising up and declaring the birth of our Lord. The music was good, the presence of God the Father was strong, the sermon was outstanding, and the fellowship was sweet. Nothing like it. The best high ever.

Why not start off your new year by getting involved with the fellowship of good, kind Christians and sharing the love of Christ in a Church? Why not step out and give it a chance to see how it will change your mind, your heart, and your life. Don't sit at home any longer.  Go visit your Father. Go to His House. He's waiting for you to come into the family-fold! He has a plan for your life.

- Pastor Sandi

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