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New Beginning



New Beginnings


We have made it through 2021! The last 3 years has been hard on us, we have gone through many things and persevered. I think of the losses that so many have suffered and my heart goes out to them. I have lost friends and support and finances - just like so any of you What I can say is ...."But for God!" I do not know how many have struggled through withourt Jesus in their lives, I have seen many try and suffer and become so angry and so bitter, losing hope and positivity. Our Lord did not promise us continual bless but tha we would suffer and persever and overcome. The Word of God tells us that we are are Overcomers - so we need situations and circumstances to overcome. There is no other way to be an overcomer.


As we push forward in overcoming we begin to develop resolve, deeper faith in Christ, steadfastness, a refining of our character, a greater knowledge of the Bible, and a deeper understanding of prayer and how to pray. Priceless. The bootcamp of Faith.


How have you overcome? What have you learned about yourself, about Jesus? How has your prayer life changed? How has the Word of God been food to your soul? Have you graduated bootcamp yet or are you stuck going over the wall? Wherever you are, Christ is there with you. Call on His Name and ask for assistance, to know what to do and what to say in your situation your circumstance. I know this for certain: whatever you need to learn, whatever discipline you need to have, you will deal with it in bootcamp.


Be of good cheer. Be of good courage. Do not be discouraged and do not be fearful. Some things are stolen from is by the devil, some things are taken away for ouru sake and for the negative impact in our life, and somethings are refined to be restored. We are going into a new season of time that has never been before. Are you faithful? Are you trustworthy? Can our God count on us to stay the course?


I hope our answers are a resounding, "YES!!" and "Amen!!"


- Pastor Sandi







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