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I have been pondering on comfort and encouragement and how it can effect the human being.

Have you noticed that you get more comments of criticismLearn  of encouragement?  It seems we are surrounded with correction and negative comments most of the time.  The world is rushing good,nd and so focused on "tomorrow" that few are aware of today.

In counseling I have noticed over and over again that people are fully aware, or think they are, of all they do wrong or all they mess up.  They are not aware of their value or what they do that is positive.  Words are powerful and carry great weight; they will bring comfort or discouragement. It is hard to not respond to someone who is positive and imparts positive to us.  We are drawn to someone who seems to see something good in us, something acceptable

Don't you feel like the world needs this? I do!  It doesn't mean that correction is not needful, or to be brought to us, but it does make a huge difference in how it is done.  So much hurt, so much pain and so many disappointments, so much anger colors our words. Selfishness comes from our fear of not getting what we need, fear of losing what we have.

Today we have a choice:  will we be one who comforts, encourages, brings a positive word to someone, or will we be the one who is critical and negative and brings condemnation and hopelessness?  This can be "death" to the hearer. 




We all fail, we all blow up, we all can bite and chew each other up.


However, it is time for a change. It will take one person at a time, one on one.  I am quite sure that we would prefer that people are patient and kind to us, understanding and encouraging, uplifting and positive. I am quite sure that we would prefer someone see that what we are doing is good and that we are not all "bad".   I

So, will you add to the problem or will you be a strong part of the solution?  Learn how to bring instruction and correction so that the person blooms instead of dies. A "win-win".  Learn how to speak to those around you as you would want them to speak to you. Think about how you want someone to treat your heart of emotions and feelings.  Learn to impart goodness and not evil.

Step out today and change the

- Pastor Sandi

Job 16:2,5   "I have heard many things like this; you are miserable comforters, all of you!"   "But my mouth would encourage you; comfort from my lips would bring you relief."

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