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I am reflecting today of the miracles that come with having a thankful heart. 1Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to give thanks in every thing - not just some things.

Humanly speaking, it is easier to give thanks when we are comfortable, provided for, accepted. That's the human, natural element. I believe the Lord is trying to teach us something more than that - something Supernatural! - to be thankful when everything seems be hard, wrong, discouraging, and heavy. Why? What difference does it make? How can we be thankful in the hard times?

A thankful heart moves the hand of God in our life. A thankful heart releases miracles and unfathomable possibilities of God's favor, no matter what the circumstance or situation. God waits for a thankful heart. Thankful that He never leaves us, thankful He never forsakes us, thankful He always has a purpose for us in everything, and thankful He always has a plan. Remember, these are but challenges to our faith, not the truth of our life. Rise up in HIM!

Take time during the course of your day to just stop and thank HIM. Allow the JOY of the Lord to be your strength when all other strength fails. Do not give a place for the devil to bring fear and unbelief into your heart. Stand against that. Allow Christ to create a miracle just for you today.............!   Psalm 16:7-8

Pastor Sandi

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