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Wake up America!


This is now the time and season when America must wake up and realize we have enemies who mean to do us great harm, and great harm here on our own shores. We have lived in the luxury of belief that we were big enough and powerful enough, and protected enough, to never experience inward attack and that we were a nation of great protection and safety. No longer is this true. Our enemy comes from within and comes through an ideology and belief system that is foreign, destructive, and explosive to our nation.

In reading about God's commands and instructions to Israel, as they journeyed through nations and as they conquered nations, and even as they were infused with those from other nations, they were not to be infected by, nor to embrace willingly, the gods and belief systems of those who came in to their culture. It was demanded and expected that Israel be the influencing force and all those who came into Israel would embrace their culture and their God, Jehovah, or at least live respectfully under that covering. Not the other way around. History is available for a reason, and it is free for all to look into. Israel had a hard time doing this, and it seems, so do we.

 We are to note, to understand, and to integrate this knowledge into our thinking so as to not repeat the negatives of History. We are to receive and accept those who sincerely wish to enjoy the freedoms of our democracy, but we are not to embrace those who desire to change our democracy and take us over into their belief system. If their belief system is so desirable, why not stay in their own nations?

Come. Come into freedom and rest and protection. Come with respect and in propriety and all will be welcomed and embraced.  Wake up America!


- Pastor Sandi


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