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What is the Lord doing?


It seems like I am always in a position of patience. Any time I get in a line waiting for service, or entrance, I end up needing patience. Ever have that person in front of you who ends up needing extra attention, extra service? It doesn't even seem to matter if I get in a short, short line. I will still end up waiting until the longer line next to me runs through. Now this isn't always, but pretty close!

For myself, I believe the Lord God is teaching me to be patient, to learn to wait, to be at ease if things don't go as quickly as I would like, to learn to manage my time better. We miss a lot when we are in a hurry, impatient, frustrated. We can learn patience in any walk of life, in any circumstance, in any situation. It develops character in us, it helps us to depend on the Lord more, it gives us opportunity to observe. Sometimes it is for our protection, to avoid an accident or situation. Whatever it is, I seem to need to be reminded from time to time that it is not all about my time but more about His time. A great example I see is in driving and traffic backups, etc. Impatience. Frustration, Anger. People in a hurry, thinking about themselves and their agenda.

Be at peace. Trust in the Lord, in His timing. He knows where you need to be, He knows what you need to do, He knows where He is sending you, He knows what the plan is.

Peace is powerful and settling. In Peace we have the Mind of Christ. We think clearer, we hear better, we process faster.  

- Pastor Sandi 

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