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the glass


In listening to many conversations concerning the conditions of life and the world, I have been very aware of the language around me and of the negative and positive attitudes that fill our lives. I have been thinking.......

Do you see the glass half full or half empty?  Do you approach life with a negative or positive outlook?  It seems to me that this is the issue of life these days. We have a choice to receive information with a negative concept or a positive one. Negative will say, "if anything bad can happen to me, it will."  Positive will say, "It all looks bad but there is a positive

It seems to me that in these days there is much more negative than positive. I know, you could say, "I am just being truthful and realistic about it all." Yes, that is true. I think we must always see the truth in the situation or the circumstance, by all means, but it's the mind set in which we approach it all that will determine a good outcome for us and open a place up for our God to work for our good.  Lots of things happen and lots of people over come them to stand victorious in life.  Truth can change in an instant and our attitude can as well with more information or a better outlook.

Life can be hard and there is much fear abounding these days. Who can you trust? Information and solutions seems to change without warning. People state something and then take it back. Is there anything that is sure and good and dependable? Yes. The Word of God has all the answers to life's concerns and challenges and will give good solid steps to overcome. We have a Life Manual that most never open up or take time to read. You would be surprised how up to date it is, how relevant it is for our days and our times. Check it out.  God is always current.

Half full? Half empty? Negative or positive?  It's all about choice. I choose to see half full.

- Pastor Sandi

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